Heavy Duty Haywire Twist Tool by Skurge of The Sea

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The boys at Skurge have done it again!  Check out this must have tool for any shark or wahoo fisherman.  

Skurge of The Sea is a company based out of Connecticut and that manufactures some of the highest quality gear in the market.  This Haywire Twist tool was engineered with comfort and durability in mind.   It is manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel in order to ensure its longevity and corrosion resistance in the harsh marine environment; nor will they deform where the wire twists at the end of the nose cone due to repeated use and abuse of the pressures from twisting heavy wire.  

Haywire Twist Tool is capable of handling single strand wire all the way up to size #19(360 lb/test)... The stuff that you need when you go after Tournament sized, Toothy Critters.

Easy to use and durable for industrial usage!


100% Made in the USA

  • Model: 9017

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