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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Marine Products

Lobo Marine Products was founded in 2007 as a custom marine fabricator.  We are a full service machine shop that caters to the marine industry. This ultimately branched off into fabricating offshore tackle by which the Lobo Lures brand was born and ultimately in 2017 LPG Apparel Co took shape.  Lobo Marine Products is a limited liability company that was formed in Connecticut and serves the eastern seaboard.  


Our work includes: 

Custom Metal Fabrication

      (Rudders, Mounts, Deck Plates, Gauge Clusters, Panels & More)

Custom Line of Rocket Launchers 

Production Machine Work

      (Turning and milling)

Custom Woodwork


Yacht Refitting

    ( Fiberglass repair, Painting, Electronics, Mechanicals, Repower)

Yacht Maintenance 


Our Brands: