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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Lures #206 Carolina Skipjack Hybrid UV Bullet Daisy Chain

$ 7995

1 review

The Skip Jack Daisy Chain was designed to not only raise tuna but land them! There is a big misconception that all the baits in a daisy chain need to be the same color. We have field tested our tackle and have found that making the Stinger lure in a chain a different color increases hookup significantly. In this chain we started with our signature Glow 5" teaser bird and followed through with three 7" Green Bullets" and finally our unique Skipjack Hybrid UV Lure! All tied in with 200lb leader and a 12/0 Cable Assist hook.





  • Lobo Lures #206 Skipjack Hybrid UV Green Bullet UV Trolling Lure Daisy Chain 100% Built in the USA!

  • Signature 5" Teaser GLOW  Bird 
  • 3-7" Bullet Heads 
  • Skipjack Hybrid UV Trolling Head Patent Pending  
  • Professionally rigged with 200lb Mono and Cable Rigged Hook 12/0 Japanese Style.  Cable Rigging your hook keeps you from loosing catches when a toothy predator comes in  to attack! That’s what sets us apart from the pack aside from our lure designs.

  • Lobo Lures Storage Bag  Included! 


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