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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Lures #31 Skipjack Hybrid UV Interference Soft Head Trolling Lure

$ 2400

The Lobo Skipjack Hybrid lure is the culmination of years of design. The Skipjack is called a hybrid lure because of its wide range of applications!  This lure can be trolled as a single lure, A ballyhoo bait, dredge bait, built into spreader bars, Daisy chains and even as a teaser.    It features a unique design not seen in other trolling lures. The body design is a culmination of inshore, offshore and bait lure schematics. It tracks straight as a lure or bait lure, in a daisy chain configuration the heads act like birds and in a spreader bar it acts as a splash bar that tuna and mahi simply can not resist.

***ORDER 6 Lures get a free Lobo Lures rollup storage bag


  • Skipjack UV Interference Soft Head Hybrid Lure 
  • 9"-10"
  • UV Head with 3D Eyes
  • Popper Style Slant head 
  • Leader capacity 700lb
  • Bored out back to accommodate Ballyhoo and variable size egg sinkers.
  • Dual Skirted 
  • Made in the USA

Production Time: All of our lures are handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 business days for production time. 


Rigging Options:

No Rigging 

9/0 Southern Hook  Bead Rigged on 10'  200lb Leader +($5.99)

9/0 Southern Hook Cable Rigged on 10'  200lb Leader  +($14.99)