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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Lures #209 Skipjack Hybrid SquidNation Bullet Daisy Chain

$ 6995

The Skipjack Squidnation Bullet Daisy Chain was designed to not only raise tuna but land them!  There is a big misconception that all the baits in a daisy chain need to be the same color.  We have field tested our tackle and have found that making the Stinger lure in a chain a different color increases hookup significantly.  


Build your own Chain 

Main Chain Color Options: 

1. Squidnation Rubber Bullet color options Green, Pink, Blue & White, Purple & Black and Rasta.

2. Stinger lure a Skipjack UV Head available in our standard 5 colors or you can ask for custom options.  




  • Lobo Lures Skipjack Squidnation Rubber Bullet Custom Daisy Chain
  • 5-4" Squidnation Rubber Bullets 
  • UV  Signature Skipjack Head Stinger  Patent Pending
  • UV/RT Ultra Violet Light Refractive Technology
  • 10' 200 lb Momoi Leader and a 9/0 Japanese Hook
  • Lobo Lures Storage Bag  Included!
  • Killer on Dorado and Tuna