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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Drinkwear and Decals

Stickers.....Put them everywhere!!!!
Drinkwear and Decals


lobo-sportfishing - LPG Bill Buster Vinyl Sticker - Stickermule - Sticker
Lobo Lures Florida Mahi Chart Series Super Glow 20 oz. Skinny Tumbler, Fishing gift idea, Mahi Tumbler, Fishing Tumbler, Fishing apparel, Amazon gift ideas, Mark Ray Art, Florida Flag Gift, Florida Fishing
LPG Apparel Co. Retro Marlin Iron-onm 3.25"  Patch, Fishing patch, Marlin Patch, Lobo Lures Patch, Boat Bag Patch, Fishing Patch, Fishing Patches
Lobo Lures Sticker, LPG Apparel Co. Sticker, Marlin Sticker, Aftco Sticker, Costa Sticker
lobo-sportfishing - LPG Apparel Co. Southern Marlin Skeleton Fishing Style Keychain Badge Lanyard - LPG Apparel Co. - Lanyards
lobo-sportfishing - Marlin Skeleton Vinyl Decals - Lobo Marine Products LLC. - Decals
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lobo-sportfishing - Signature Lobo "Marlin Skeleton" Decals in 5 Colors - Lobo Sportfishing - Decals

ROLL GROOVE $300K Blue Marlin

The 2021 Jimmy Johnsons Atlantic City "Quest for the Rings" Tournament was met with a tremendous welcoming. Team Roll Groove out fished the competition by landing this 679Lb Blue Marlin netting the team almost $300K. This fish crashed a Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon in Purple! we congratulate the team on this tremendous accomplishment and look forward to seeing them at the 2021 White Marlin Open!