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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.


UPF 50+ Solar Shirts

Performance T-Shirts, Long Sleeve regular and hooded Tee's. Protect your self from the harmful UV rays.



LPG Apparel Co. Mark Ray Sailfish Hunt Long Sleeve Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt Fishing Tee, Fishing T-shirt, Sailfish T-Shirt, Offshore Fishing T-Shirt
LPG Apparel Co. Bigeye Tuna Hunt Long Sleeve  Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt Lobo Lures Fishing T-Shirt, Sun Protection T-Shirt, Fishing Tee
LPG Apparel Co. Tag & Release Marlin Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt, Fishing T-Shirt, Offshore Fishing Tee, Fishing Tee, Marlin T-Shirt
Lobo Lures Lobito Sportfish Tournament Line art Boat T-shirt
lobo-sportfishing - Lobo Lures Tournament Series Performance UPF 50+ T-shirt - LOBO PERFORMANCE GEAR -
lobo-sportfishing - LPG Apparel Co. Performance Fishing Hoodie UPF 50+ Dri-Fit UV Protection Men & Women Long Sleeve T-Shirt - LPG Apparel Co. - Performance Gear
LPG Apparel Co. Americano Patriotic Offshore Series Long Sleeve Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt, Offshore Fishing T-Shirt, Patriotic Fishing Tee, Patriotic Fishing t-shirt, Patriotic Tee, Big Game Fishign T-Shirt, Tuna T-Shirt, Tuna Tee, Marlin Tee, Marlin T-Shirt, Tournament Fishing t-shirt
LPG Americano Patriotic BASS Edition Long Sleeve Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt Lobo Lures T-shirt, Bass Fishing T-Shirt, Inshore Fishing Tee, Bass Tee, Patriotic Fishing T-Shirt
LPG Apparel Co. Diamond Sportfish LS Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt, sun protection T-Shirt, Sun Protection Fishing Shirt, Fishing Shirt, Sportfishing T-Shirt, Tournament T-Shirt
LPG Apparel Co® Tag & Release USA Flag Edition Long Sleeve Performance UPF 50+ T-Shirt, American T-Shirt, Fishing Tee, Fishing T-Shirt, Fourth of July T-shirt, MERICA T-shirt, Fishing Tee

ROLL GROOVE $300K Blue Marlin

The 2021 Jimmy Johnsons Atlantic City "Quest for the Rings" Tournament was met with a tremendous welcoming. Team Roll Groove out fished the competition by landing this 679Lb Blue Marlin netting the team almost $300K. This fish crashed a Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon in Purple! we congratulate the team on this tremendous accomplishment and look forward to seeing them at the 2021 White Marlin Open!