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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lure Technology

Lure Technology

Lobo Lures are all hand made in the United States from premium resins that are crystal-clear and UV resistant.  Each lure is hand poured and heat cured for superior durability.  Each lure is designed on CAD system and CNC Machined to test its hydrodynamics and fishability before ever creating a mold. Utilizing the finest Abalone shell veneers available gives our lures an eye-catching look that draws the attention of big game species! 

            Each trolling lure features a precision-machined insert with keeled technology to ensure each lures optimal upright performance at various trolling speeds. Each insert features Lobo Scalez Pattern that creates a prismatic synthetic scale appearance that is unique only to Lobo trolling Lures! Each lure is rigged with dual skirts that are not only hand tied but also bonded for security and performance.  Our lures use only the finest skirts that are manufactured here in the USA. 


That makes these lures 100% American! 

No mater what fish your targeting, our lures will make your reels scream!