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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.


At Lobo Lures, we are committed to creating innovative and technologically advanced fishing lures that deliver exceptional results. Our passion for marine biology, biochemistry and color vision in pelagic species has inspired us to develop a range of products that stand out in the market, including our patent-pending Skipjack Hybrid Lure and signature UVRT Technology. With a focus on quality, performance, and sustainability, we strive to enhance the fishing experience for anglers of all levels.

ROLL GROOVE $300K Blue Marlin

The 2021 Jimmy Johnsons Atlantic City "Quest for the Rings" Tournament was met with a tremendous welcoming. Team Roll Groove out fished the competition by landing this 679Lb Blue Marlin netting the team almost $300K. This fish crashed a Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon in Purple! we congratulate the team on this tremendous accomplishment and look forward to seeing them at the 2021 White Marlin Open!

How and why Lobo Lures Moved to Daytona Beach Florida!

Lobo Lures move to Florida and the influential factors as to why we chose Florida over all other contenders.  The competition that happened between two counties and the ultimate decision to call Volusia County our home.  Home to some of the biggest businesses in the country and of course the world most famous beach!  And how the largest storm in 30 years affected our move and shaped us.
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COVID-19 & What does it mean for the fishing industry?

COVID-19 & What does it mean for the fishing industry?

Let's face it, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to affect the world and the industry we love.  Fishermen are the most patriotic and humble people on earth and the first to put others before them.  You could be fishing a million dollar plus tournament and get a call over the radio of another in distress and almost immediately the competitive nature of these tournament fisherman disappears and they go into help mode.  In what other industry would a captain/owner pull away from competing for money to help others. Not many!  We will see the same thing happen with Coronavirus pandemic, with owners abandoning their passion to keep their employees and family alive and healthy!  We are in unchartered territory and it is going to be a rough road for the fishing industry!

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Lobo Lures history 6 years later & what a road it has been!

Lobo Lures history 6 years later & what a road it has been!

Lobo Lures history six years later and what a road it has been.  We're talking technology, products and about us.  we hope you enjoy the read!
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251 Carswell Ave

Daytona Beach FL, 32117



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9:00 am - 5:00 pm