Lobo Lures 36" Tuna Bullet Head Lumo Spreader Bar

$ 109.99
SKU: 0750251351092

The Lobo 36" Tuna Lumo Bullet Spreader Bar is an ultimate game changer.  Spreader Bars were once the secret of the Northeast tuna fleets and has since become a sensation in the pursuit of big game fish. The spreader bar creates a unique situation in the water, by creating the illusion of schooling bait and the commotion of birds which peaks the curiosity of big game fish. The tailing squid is generally referred to as the stinger and it is the means of hooking up with a sturdy 8/0 Mustad hook.

They are constructed in the United States from the finest materials available.


  • 36″ SS Spreader Bar
  • Rigged with 200lb Leader on outter Lines and 400lb Leader on the Mainline 12/0 Japanese Cable Rigged Hook. 
  • 8- 7"  Lumo Bullets
  • Available in 3 configurations
  1. No Birds
  2. 3 - 5" LUMO Humming Birds
  3. Full 5" Bird Spread (Best Seller/Killer)
  • Signature Lobo Embroidered Premium Spreader Bar Bags with Velcro Clasp & Carry Handles 


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