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Prattling Bait Chain

$ 32.99

Chartruese Super Glow
Hot Pink
9" Squid Stinger
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  • Variant: Chartruese Super Glow / Super Glow Green/Natural/Black
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Prattling Bait Chain

The Prattling Bait was designed out of necessity.  Ideal off the rigger, this bait drives pelagic wild!  The 5 birds skim on the surface and create a commotion that correlates to a school of fish breaking the surface.  This commotion draws the attention of the pelagic's lurking at the depths and brings their attention to your spread! 

Available in a variety of colors and Stinger options! 




  • Your Choice of 8' of 200lb Momoi Smoke Blue Leader or 400lb Crystal Leader 
  • 5-Lobo Lures Signature 5"  Birds. 
  • Super Glow B2 Squid that Hides a Size 8 ball bearing snap swivel for ease of changing out the stinger bait!
  • Premium chafe tube at all connection ends!
  • Available with 9" Squid stinger, rigged with 10/0 Mustard Hooks!  
  • Available in Chartreuse Super Glow, Green, Blue & Hot Pink 
  • Includes Premium Mesh Back Storage Bag