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Lobo Lures #206 Carolina Skipjack Daisy Chain

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Main Chain
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  • Variant: Purple Bullets / UV Green
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Lobo Lures #206 Carolina Skipjack Daisy Chain

The Skip Jack Daisy Chain was designed to not only raise tuna but land them!  There is a big misconception that all the baits in a daisy chain need to be the same color.  We have field tested our tackle and have found that making the Stinger lure in a chain a different color increases hookup significantly.  In this chain we started with our signature Glow 5" teaser bird and followed through with three 7" weighted rainbow head bullets with purple skirts and finally our unique Skip Jack Head UV Lure!  All tied in with 200lb Momoi Diamond Leader and a ultra sharp Japanese 7/0 Hook.  


Build your own Chain 

Main Chain Color Options: 

1. Green Super Glow Bird with Purple Bullets 

2. Purple Bird with Lumo Bullets 

3. Green Super Glow Bird with Green Bullets

Stinger Option:

  • UV BLUE FISH TAILS (Blue/White outer Pink/Purple inner)
  • UV Purple Purple Mackerel
  • UV Pink (Pink/Purple outer skirt and Silver Glitter inner)




  • Lobo Lures Skip Jack Custom Daisy Chain 
  • Signature 5" Teaser GLOW  Bird 
  • 3-7" Weighted Rainbow Bullet Heads Skirted with deep purple skirts
  • UV Green Signature Skip Jack Head Stinger 
  • 10' 200lb Momoi Leader and a 7/0 Japanese Hook
  • Lobo Lures Storage Bag  Included!
  • Killer on Dorado and Tuna 


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