Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon Trolling Lure

$ 69.99

The Typhoon lure is one of the best Marlin lures produced here at Lobo Lures. Designed off of our famous Wahoo-Pro Series jet head lures. Our lures are built in the USA using only the best materials that simply won’t crack from hitting the deck! This lure features the dual tapered body plan which creates a mean straight tracking smoke trail.  Our inserts are one of a kind with its proprietary CNC machined Lobo Scalez design and house made shell. 



Get it rigged 

Rigging consists of a 10/0 Cable Rigged Hook and 10' of 400lb leader +($15.99)

 Rigging Double Hook Cable Rig 10' 400lb Leader

Troll between 4.5 Knts-18 Knts



Diameter: 36 mm 
Length: 95 mm 
Weight: 5.8 oz. 
Skirted Length: 14” 
Species: Marlin, Large Tuna & Large Mahi



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