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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

SquidNation Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy

$ 8995

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Lobo Lures & SquidNation have partnered up to bring to you the best combination of tackle from two world-class tackle manufacturers.  After fishing in many of the same Tournaments and many Captains fishing our products in conjunction we have joined our product lines to create a lethal weapon.  The Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy was designed as an alternative to the original Flippy Floppy!  The Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy was designed because often times Smaller Marlin and White Marlin would sneak into the spread un noticed because of the action offered by the Original Flippy Floppy!  It Features (2) Flippy Floppy Squids and (3) Naked Squids!  When Targeting White Marlin, Small Black Marlin and Blue Marlin we advise using this version of the Flippy Floppy. Larger Marlin, Tuna and Dorado we advise using the original Flippy Floppy! 



  • SquidNation Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy 
  • Designed off the original Flippy Floppy
  • (2) Flippy Floppy Squids 
  • (3) Naked Squids 
  • Snap Swivel to add your Lobo Lures Billfish Edition Teaser 
  • Add a Soft Head Typhoon Teaser Rigged with a snap swivel! 
  • Available in 6 Great Colors

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