Lobo Lures 350lb Quick Release Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Dredge Corkscrew Swivel

$ 9.99
SKU: LoboLures_CorkscrewSwivel_350lb-1


  •  Lobo Lures 350b Quick Release Heavy Duty Dredge Corkscrew Swivel
  • LoboLures_CorkscrewSwivel_350lb
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Style Ball Bearing Swivel connected to a heavy gauge Corkscrew style connection
  • This 350lb test Ball bearing swivel is a super heavy duty swivel that can endure the pressures from pulling large teasers and dredges throughout the day. You will not run into the issue of loosing dredge or teaser because the swivel snap opened up. Why risk loosing your tackle over using inferior connections!
  • Ideal for Medium dredges,  Large Teasers, Spreader bars, trolling lures and spearfishing 
  • 350lb swivel