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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Lures #56 14" Iztapa Blue Marlin Series Plunger Trolling Lure

$ 2999

The Iztapa Marlin Series lures is designed based of the legendary plunger style lures, often regarded as one of the most productive head shapes in history. This lure features a tapered slant head with realistic wobble eyes. Creating realistic head movement with tight swim patterns and accentuated bubble trails. Great for trolling at all speeds in all types of weather conditions.


     Head Shape: Plunger

     Face Shape: Angle Cut

     Diameter: 38.10mm (1.50”)

     Length: 78mm (3.00”)

     Skirted Weight: 5.4oz.

     Material: Hard Resin


Target Species:  Marlin & Tuna


Rigging Options available:

No Rigging

10' of 400lb Leader and single cable rigged 10/0 hook 

10' of 400lb Leader and single cable rigged Double 10/0 hook 


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