Lobo Lures #30 Skipjack Hybrid Trolling Lure

$ 21.99


  • Lobo Lures Skipjack Hybrid Patent Pending

  • UV/RT Technology Ultra Violet Light Refractive Technology!

  • 12" Pelagic Magic Stinger custom Pink Shell insert with 10/0 Single Cable Rigged Hook Set Rig

  • Urethane Near indestructible Head with 3D Eyes within eye pockets.

  • Engineered with proprietary hydrodynamic shape that is Patent Pending.

  • Honed out rear for multiple rigging options from running as a lure, as a meat lure or in a chain. 

  • Rigging 200lb Leader with a Cable Assist 9/0 Japanese Style Stainless Steel Hook

  • ORDER 6 Lures & Get a Free Roll-up Bag

  • Hand-Made in the USA🇺🇸

Rigging Options:

No Rigging 

9/0 Japanese Style Hook Cable Rigged on 10'  200lb Leader  +($14.99)



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