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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Lures #208 Wahoo-Pro Jet Head Skipjack Hybrid UV Ghost White Daisy Chain

$ 9999


  • Wahoo-Pro Ghost White Skipjack Hybrid Daisy Chain 
  • 5" Super Glow Humming Bird 
  • 3-8" UV Clear Head Silver Skirted Skipjack Hybrids  
  • 12″ Wahoo-Pro Series 316SS Jet head Stinger Lure and features a hollow point body plan with 4 internal jets and 4 external jets!
  • Double Skirt
  • Rigged with 400lb Leader 
  • Chafe Guard 
  • 10/0  Cable Rigged Hook
  • Premium Lure Storage Bag 
  • Made in the USA