Lobo Lures #300 18" Titanium Pelagic Magic & Skipjack Hybrid UV Spreader Bar Daisy Chain Smashup

$ 139.99
SKU: LoboLures_18"Pelagicbar_Rainbow
Bar: Rainbow/Pink Pelagic
  • Lobo Lures Premium Skipjack Hybrid UV Signature Series Splash Bar
  • 18" Titanium Spreader Bar
  • 3- 8"Skipjack Hybrid Heads and a 12" Pelagic Magic Stinger!
  • Rigged with 400lb Test Leader on the mainline and a Cable Rigged 10/0 Southern Tuna Style Hook!  Other lines are 200lb test!
  • Available in custom options and our main color selection!
  • The Skipjack Hybrid Lure is a unique lure that features inshore and offshore lure characteristics. Tuna cant get enough of these things. The body of the lure is a Urethane head that will last a lifetime! It is crack resistant and will hold up over time! 
  • Built right here in the USA.  Please allow up to 2-5 Business days to process as these are made to order!