LPG Apparel Co. OUTRIGGERS Adjustable Sunglass Strap Cord

$ 9.99

The LPG OUTRIGGERS were designed with function and comfort in mind.  These retainers are light weight and feature an easy to use adjustable sliding system to cater the fit you desire.  By simply sliding the guides you can ultimately make the strap tighter for the days your on the water and less tight for just cruising around the town.  The durability of the OUTRIGGERS comes from the components used to construct them.  They utilize coated steel cable to provide a strong, lightweight cord that stands off the back of your neck.  The temple connection ends are fabricated from UV resistant soft rubber for a secure fit onto you sunglasses!  


  • Lobo Performance Gear OUTRIGGERS
  • One size fits all!  16" Extended 
  • Adjustable strap to make it tighter on those rough days!
  • Coated Cable gives the cord its rigidity to keep the cord off the back of your neck!
  • Secure fitting rubber temple ends! 
  • Pull Marlin Skeleton tabs closer for a loose fit or farther apart for a tighter fit!


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