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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Lobo Marlin Chugger Lures

$ 2299

      These lures feature the infamous “Chugger” style head lures, often referred to as the best topwater trolling lures.  When they swim they produce a distinctive bubble trail that causes Pelagic fish to go into a frenzy and attack the source of the bubbles.  Big game fish utilize a multitude of tools in capturing prey.  The first most vital thing is agility and speed, this enables the fish to swim onto its prey with speed and stealth.  The lateral line system on the fish detects minute vibrations and sound waves in the water.  This system is very sensitive that it gives the fish an idea of direction, size and speed of the disturbance.  They eyes of Pelagic fish are generally very well developed in these species, The Billfish and Tuna species maintain a higher temperature Central Nervous System and eye. This tells researchers that the fish is heavily reliant on these structures.   Hence why these fish have outstanding sight. And finally they act on instinct!  With the right combination of your lures design and color you can increase your chances of catching more fish!


  • Resin Head Lure 12″

  • Large Wobble Eyes

  • Chugger style head with concave cup face

  • Double Skirted Red White and Blue Glitter