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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Super Glow 5" Teaser Bird

$ 699

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       Teaser birds are the must have aboard any boat! These birds were designed for use in Lobo Lures Spreader Bars and Daisy Chains.  The bird creates a unique action that draws the attention of Pelagic's from their depths.  Skipping across the top of the water this simulates a distress at the waters surface which can indicate to the predator a injured prey or a school of fish.  The lateral line system of the fish is sensitive to vibrations and any irregularities in the water column and ultimately this along with vision are the main receptors responsible for attention to catching prey.  
Great for trolling at all speeds in all types of weather conditions!


~  Lobo Lures  5" Super Glow Teaser Bird
~  Angle cut wings to skip across the top of the water!
~  Hard Body Molded Plastic
~  5" Overall Length 
~  Through hole enough for 400+lb test
~ Available in other colors!
~ Add in front of any lure to increase hookups!

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