Lobo Lures #55 Typhoon Soft Head Billfish Teaser Trolling Lure

$ 29.99


  • Typhoon Soft Head Billfish Edition Teaser/Lure
  • Manufactured with a Soft yet durable head. Billfish simply cant get enough. 
  • Double Skirted 
  • 3D Eyes 
  • Designed off the Infamous Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon
  • 14" Length 
  • Head Dimensions: 36mm Diameter 95mm Length
  • Head Weight 5.8oz
  • Troll between 4.5 Knts-18 Knts
  • Made in the USA 

Rigging Options:

  • No Rigging 
  • Teaser Rigged  10' 400lb Leaer with Size 7 Ball Bearing Snap Swivel +($15.00)
  • 10/0 Single Cable Rigged Hook 10' 400lb Leader +($14.99)
  • 10/0 Double Hook Rigged 10' 400lb leader +($25.00)

***Custom options available in any head and all skirt combinations  When selecting custom combinations you can select from one of the 5 head colors and any skirt combination available in our skirt chart.  Please add to the notes section!  

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