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Now Located in Daytona Beach FL.

Rigging Gear

Rigging Gear


lobo-sportfishing - Chafe Gear 2.4mm 8 pcs - Lobo Lures - Rigging Accessories
Lobo Lures 8mm Glow Chartreuse Beads up to 400lb Leader, Amazon Glow Beads, Glow Craft Beads, Fishing beads, Fishing Rigging Beads
lobo-sportfishing - 8/0 180° Double Hook Rig - Lobo Marine Products LLC. - Hooks
lobo-sportfishing - Lobo Lures Heavy Duty 180 Degree Double Hook Set Rig - Lobo Lures - Hooks
Lobo Lures Heavy Duty Bait and Lure Rigging Floss | Red, Purple, Blue or Black 30 lb. Rigging Floss, Bait Rigging Floss, Lure Rigging Floss
lobo-sportfishing - Lobo Lures Heavy Duty Single Hook Set Rig - Lobo Lures - Hooks
lobo-sportfishing - Lobo Lures Leader Twist Wraps - Lobo Lures - Tools
lobo-sportfishing - Replacement Skirt Combinations 12" - Lobo Marine Products LLC. - Trolling Lures
lobo-sportfishing - Rigging Glow Thimbles 10, 25 & 50 pack - Lobo Marine Products LLC. - Apparel

ROLL GROOVE $300K Blue Marlin

The 2021 Jimmy Johnsons Atlantic City "Quest for the Rings" Tournament was met with a tremendous welcoming. Team Roll Groove out fished the competition by landing this 679Lb Blue Marlin netting the team almost $300K. This fish crashed a Lobo Lures #50 Typhoon in Purple! we congratulate the team on this tremendous accomplishment and look forward to seeing them at the 2021 White Marlin Open!